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San Francisco MovieBears

Last Updated 10/29/2008 01:52 PM


SF Moviebears reserves the right to end the group at any time.  SF Moviebears will attempt to have enough tickets for all of its regular weeknight showings.  Discount ticket distribution is on a first come first served basis. In the event we run out of discount tickets, attendee must purchase their own ticket at full price from the box office. 

Movie Attendance Policy:

All tickets must be picked up at the designated location and by the designated time provided in the informational email sent 2 days prior to an outing. Late arrivals may call 415-683-1103 and ask that their tickets be held at the theatre box office, or customer service.

NO SHOWS: By not showing up for an event you have RSVP'd for, you potentially prevent someone else from attending. SF MovieBears reserves the right to deny the RSVP of no shows to future outings.  We understand that events in our lives can happen that prohibit us from following through on our social commitments, however, in this day of technology, making a phone call or sending an email to cancel your RSVP should be a very easy task.  We reserve the right to deny the future RSVP's of No Shows.

Details for regular weeknight movies will be posted on this website, including dinner meeting time, ticket pick up, and location of ticket pick up.

All movies will require an RSVP.  RSVP link will be posted on this website, or you can RSVP by calling the SF Moviebears line at 415-683-1103. You are responsible for giving the correct number of attendees in your RSVP. 

Notification - Confirmed ticket holders for opening night movies will be emailed details about the show at least 2 days prior to the show.  It is your responsibility to read all of the information in the email.  SF Moviebears is not responsible for attendees arriving after the pick up cut off time, unless other arrangements have been made.

This policy may change at any time!

SF Moviebears

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