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San Francisco MovieBears

RSVP Information and Pricing.

SF MovieBears is a hobby. We make zero profit from it. Any additional money collected goes to pay for shipping costs to get discount passes, donations of movie passes to charity, cost for web hosting, and fees paid for credit card processing. Below are the prices SF MovieBears collects for tickets.

Opening / Pre-Pay are for all movies where payment will be collected in advance. For example, and opening weekend movie, or IMAX or 3D film that will sell out. 75 cents is the approximate fees per ticket that are charged by our credit card processor.

Wednesday indicates our regular movie night and you pay for your tickets when you arrive.

Q: Why do movies require an RSVP?

A: We need to have as close to an accurate count of how many people will be attending so we have enough discount passes on hand for everyone.

Q: Why do I have to pay for some of the movies in advance.

A: This is a multi-part answer

1. We try to keep a decent supply of discount passes on hand.  This is basically money that we front to make sure we have passes every week.  As these passes are depleted, we take the money and purchase more passes.  So we actually always have some money invested in passes.

We require pre-payment on all Opening night, IMAX and XD films because of the loss potential. In 2007, SFMovieBears almost lost about $600.00 due to pre-show cancellations.  We had already purchased 587 tickets to a show.  We had 72 cancellations.  The theatre was nice enough to refund those passes, however, if they had not, that would have been $600.00 out of our pockets.


We take RSVP's and payments for opening night and IMAX and XD shows.  We then take  discount passes to the theatre to purchase tickets based on how many we have collected funds for. We do not purchase additional tickets because there is no way for us to know how many people are actually going to purchase tickets, and we cannot take the risk of being left with unsold tickets.

Sometimes a show might be so popular that the theatre will sell out before we can make our purchase.  And sometimes, we may have already taken reservations and payment for tickets that are not available.  In cases like this, we will offer a full refund or alternative solution to make it right.

We really do our best to get the tickets you have paid for, but sometimes it is out of our hands.  Remember, this is a hobby for us, and we do not devote all of our time and energy keeping track of theatre ticket sales. And we are not a business and cannot afford to pay out of our pockets for tickets that we cannot sell.

IMAX and 3D shows are subject to an additional surcharge.

Q: Do I have to pay using PayPal?

A: We use PayPal as our Payment Processor. You do not have to have an account with them to pay. For directions on how to pay and NOT sign up, Click Here

If you have problems paying, we are always here to help, but ALL Pre-Paid tickets must be handled through our store site.

Questions, please email movies@sfmoviebears.com

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