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San Francisco MovieBears

Membership Information

As a 501(c)(7), non-profit social organization, San Francisco MovieBears must now ensure that its revenues be supplied predominantly through its membership. To guarantee that, we now require that anyone purchasing tickets for our events be current members of San Francisco MovieBears.

Annual membership dues at this time (April 2014) are $20 in person or $21 online.

As part of your annual membership you will receive:

2 standard movie tickets. (does not include upcharges), or 1 IMAX movie ticket.

  • Membership in the San Francisco MovieBears for 1 year*,
  • Access for 1 year to our store site to purchase discounted tickets to our various special group movie nights and shows,
  • Discount codes via our newsletter to other events we help promote, and
  • Access to our special ticket giveaways to shows, Frameline films and other entertainments.

To purchase your membership online, please visit our Member Store.

*Membership starts on the date you purchase your membership , and finishes at the end of the calendar month of the following year. For example: a membership purchased anytime in August, 2014 will end on August 31st, 2015.

Your membership, and any purchases or donations you make to San Francisco MovieBears is not tax-deductible. Should you have any further questions, please contact us via email at movies@sfmoviebears.com, or you can call or text us at (415) 683-1103.

Last updated August 28, 2014 3:01 PM

If you have any questions.  Please feel free to email us at movies@sfmoviebears.com

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